The Duncan Houses were started in Kerrville over 17 years ago by Robert Duncan. Back then there were only a few options in the Kerrville area for additional recovery and accountability once out of treatment. Over the last 17 years, Robert has devoted a great portion of his life in expanding his homes. James Norton our Operations Manager and  Intake Coordinator. Was a previous resident & house manager. We offer integrity in all aspects of living…and the importance of willingness and courage as we help with your journey along the

Path to Recovery.


Set in a comfortable, home-like sober living environment, all of our houses are 12-step based homes with live-in managers. They are safe, secure, clean, quiet, comfortable and very affordable. All homes are licensed and regulated by the City Of Kerrville.  Our recovery network includes structured living, Intensive outpatient treatment programs, and supportive community involvement. You are given the time, tools and support to continue healing while learning to live a new way of life. Within a short period of time, you’ll be working a 12–Step program with a sponsor, finding employment and exploring educational opportunities, and returning home to reintegrate with your family and loved ones.




Zero Tolerance Policy
Policy Prohibiting Alcohol, Prohibited prescribed and Non-Prescribed Drugs – Alcohol, illegal drug, prohibited medications or non–prescribed drug use or possession is strictly prohibited.  Any resident who is found to have used is under the influence of, or in possession of alcohol, or illicit drugs will be immediately required to move out and vacate the premises forfeiting monthly fees and deposits. 



All House Located in  Kerrville Texas, 78028

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